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Little Boo Learning Ltd.

The History of Little Boo Learning

Hi, I am Katie - the owner of Little Boo Learning. My business was established in 2017 when I identified a gap in the market for beautiful and personalised learning resources.

At the time I had a two year old daughter and was on maternity leave from my teaching job with my baby son. My daughter was showing an interest in numbers and I really wanted to foster than interest so I decided to use my knowledge and skills from both my teaching career and my design degree and have a go at making my own resources.

The learning resources went down so well with my toddler that my friends and family encouraged me to sell them and here we are all these years later! A husband and wife family run business that has grown month on month, year on year - a thriving business that we are so very passionate about and so very proud of!

Child playing with flashcards from Little Boo Learning

Toddler learning resources that work! You can find our range of Toddler Flashcards here

Flashcards, Learning Mats and More

Over the years we have created hundreds of products designed to help your children with their learning at home, nursery or school. Our products are aimed at children from 2 years up to 6 years. Behind each product is hours and hours of trialled designs and materials to get the product 100% right in terms of its design and how it enables your child to learn, supporting them in the best way possible.

I am a perfectionist - always have been, always will be and I won't sell anything less than perfect, but we also hate waste too so anything not deemed good enough is always added to our SALE.


Our number flash cards were the first ever product designed and released at Little Boo Learning. Initially we made these from scratch in our studio but it soon became clear that keeping up with demand was going to be impossible.

They are now all printed and matte laminated externally by another UK company. Once we have received the printed versions we assemble and box them here in the studio.

Dinosaur Flashcards

Our Dinosaur Flashcards have been hugely popular - one of our most sucessful sets of flash cards. These can be ordered here

Personalised Learning Mats & Reward Charts

Our personalised learning mats and reward charts are still all designed and made in house by myself. This is why we have a much longer turnaround time on these items. We are striving to reduce this over the coming year, but please know that even though they take longer, they are most definitely worth the wait!

Each one is lovingly handmade and personalised to your own specification in order for it to be perfectly suited to your child's development.

The 'My name is...' Velcro Learning Mat was one of our first learning mats to date and has sold over 3000 to date. The wipe clean learing mats came shortly after this and have sold a whopping 6000. You can find our Velcro Learning Mats here

Ready-to-Post Learning Mats

In order to try and reduce the waiting times for learning mats we have made some of our most popular products available as Ready-to-Post Learning Mats. These are all designed in house but externally printed by the same company we use to print our flashcards.

Digital Products

As demand for the business has increased, we wanted to make our products accessible in other ways and have found that our digital learning resources have been incredibly popular. We are always adding new digital products to the website.

This photograph was featured in Vogue magazine! What a 'pinch me' moment! We have huge range of phonics resourses available on the website.

Learning Resources Handmade with Love and Care in Our Hampshire Studio

I am lucky enough to have my own studio in my house in Hampshire where I lovingly design, make, assemble and pack all of your beautiful orders.

When the pandemic started in 2020 we really were not sure how it would affect the business but with more children at home and the demand for learning resources increasing our business took off more that we could have ever imagined.

In February 2021 we signed a lease for a commercial premesis just up the road from our house in the Hampshire countryside. We are currently refurbishing the premesis and hope to have moved the business by April. You can follow this journey on our Instagram page

Little Boo Learning HQ

We are so thankful for all of the support to turn this little business into a BIG dream and can't wait to see what the future holds for Little Boo Learning.

More Than Just a Educational Resources Business

This business started by accident but now it is a reality. It is our income to support our family and an absolute dream come true to have been able to do this for the past 3 and a half years.

We thank all of our customers, social media followers, friends and family for all of their support with this. Waking up everyday to do something you love and knowing you are helping thousands of children in their early years development is just a dream come true.

Thank You

Katie & Jason (AKA Mr Little Boo Learning)

Educational learning resources that work! All of my resources have been tried and tested with my own children.
When you support a small business, you are supporting a dream!