5 Dinosaur Themed Gifts for Less Than £25 for Those Little Dinosaur Fans

5 Dinosaur Themed Gifts for Less Than £25 for Those Little Dinosaur Fans

We know how much little people LOVE dinosaurs and so we've pulled together 5 of our favourite gifts for less than £30 for those Little Dinosaur Fans.

1. Dinosaur Flashcards by Little Boo Learning

Price: £6.50

These were OBVIOUSLY going to be top of the list! We have sold hundreds of these flashcards to parents of little Dino fanatics.

Not only are they great for recognising the different dinosaurs but we have even given you the pronunciations of the dinosaurs - double learning.

Shop here: Dinosaur Flashcards

2. Dinosaur Figures

Price: £12.99

These figures are perfect for pairing up with your Little Boo Learning Dinosaur Flashcards.

They are approximately 7" each and with 12 dinosaurs to choose from, your little dino fan will have lots of imaginative play fun with these.

Shop here: Dinosaur Figures

3. Dinosaur Race Track

Price: £25.99

I can confirm that this gift will 100% be a hit. My 3 year old boy received it for Christmas and hasn't stopped placing with it since.

The track can be extended and the battery powered cars will race around the dinosaur track. Improving hand-eye coordination and children's fine motor skills.

Shop here: Dinosaur Race Track


4. Dinosaur Chalkboards

Price: £25.00

When we discovered these by @madeat94_com we absolutely fell in love with them. They can be used inside or outside and your child can just let their imagination flow.

They are approximately 39 x 39 cm and are the perfect addition to any playroom or garden occupied by a dinosaur fan.

Shop here: Dinosaur Chalkboards


5. Personalised Dinosaur Cake Topper

Price: £12.95

If it's a birthday you’re celebrating then you are certain to need the perfect cake topper for your Dino mad child.

We found this gorgeous cake topper by @inspiredbyalma which can be personalised with your child’s name and in any colour of your choice. How perfect is that?

Shop here: Dinosaur Cake Topper


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